Based on your responses, your CEO Profit Profileā„¢ is LEADER!

As a CEO Leader, you are not just a business owner; you are a self-made MILLIONAIRE!

Business is thriving, and you have great gross revenue, but you need more free time and a lot less stress.


The CEO Leader faces three core hurdles:

Challenge #1: I need freedom. Delegate the growth and development of your business to an effective management team.

Challenge #2: I need efficiency. Develop formal processes and systems to manage the sales and customer base that has outgrown your current business structure.

Challenge #3: I need funding. Look for sources of money such as partnerships, banks, grants, profits, and leasing options.


As a CEO Leader, since you are less vulnerable to failure, you have the option to grow or rest.

Use these questions to drive your decision.

#1 Will scaling give my business a higher or lower margin?
More is not always good. Expanding your business may increase costs beyond the value of time, energy, effort, or revenue generated (or desired).

#2 Will scaling allow us to deliver a high-quality product/service?
More is not always better. Increasing quantity requirements may negatively affect product/service quality (and timelines).

#3 Will scaling take me away from other interests?
More is not always best. Stepping back from the business may give you more time for family, hobbies, or other opportunities.


Your business has achieved true financial health and market penetration.

And whether you decide to grow or rest, at this stage, the CEO Leader must develop effective managerial skills, motivate employees, delegate authority, invest and reinvest constantly, secure external financial resources, and consider new streams of revenue to support continued success.


To implement cutting-edge acceleration systems, build loyalty with top-notch team members, and optimize your marketplace strategies.

#1 Grow your business into a profitable sustainable company.

#2 Scale-up your business.

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